Who is Sergei Chernenko?

  • Built a career from PR specialist to Director Corporate Affairs in less than 5 years
  • Delivered over 200 successfull presentations with slides
  • Began sharing his insights as a corporate public speaking coach
I am a seasoned expert in public & government relations with 18+ years of experience under my belt. I am an acting member of the Board of Directors in a large multinational corporation, having a whole region within my merit. My previous work experience included tobacco, alcohol, car manufacturing, and the mobility industry. I decided to share my corporate experience in a from of short tips in my TikTok channel. I call them corphacks, as they are supposed to help people in corporations grow quicker, have less stress, and remain work-life balance. Topics that I usually cover are building networks, passing job interviews, talking to management, bypassing corporate bureaucracy, to name a few. A substantial part of my work also involves presentations and public speaking. I consulted numerous companies on how to incorporate business storytelling and add pizzazz to their presentations and speeches. During this time, I've come up with a few rules of my own that can help anyone radically change their lives within the corporation by making their presentations fascinating, interesting, and simply understandable. How to use storytelling to underline your key messages and ignite the interest of the audience. Regardless of whether you are a young executive or an experienced director, these skills will make you a more effective communicator, allowing you to confidently convey your ideas to colleagues, management, and investors. Read more about my online courses further down the page and sign up to my TikTok or follow my work-life balance approach on Instragram!