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An Origin Story

My career began at a company where I tried to fit in and not stand out. I soon realized this approach was high stress and low reward so I began researching how to elevate my profile to be more inspired in my work every day.

This ignited a passion to help people in corporations grow quicker, have less stress, and maintain a work-life balance throughout their career.

It is also what inspired me to create a series of Master Classes from presentation building to social network building and acing job interviews. You can think of this as corporate hacking and it is designed to transform you from just another part of an organization to someone indispensable with the energy and ideas you bring to the table.

Today, I am a seasoned expert with 18+ years of experience and unique insights to help you thrive in the corporate world. ​

My Corporate Hacker

Corporate Hacking

A radical and innovative approach based on the refusal to accept onerous corporate processes that are considered pointless and cannot be changed. A corporate hacker uses unorthodox yet ethical means to achieve a specific business or personal goal.

Career Results

As a result, your career success is an act of creative planning. With thoughtfulness, harnessing a community of advocates around you and enhancing your personal brand through continuous learning, you can find fulfillment at every stage of your career development.

A master class to advance your career

What you’ll learn in this Master Class.

Non-Secrets of a Successful Career is a Master Class on how to make your presentations stand out in the corporate world. This Master Class is based on the wealth of experience I gathered delivering and observing hundreds of presentations.

Now you can deliver presentations with passion and inspiration that can move people to action.

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The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling


The way to influence people is by telling stories. It's that simple.

Yet great storytelling can be intimidating. This Master Class teaches you the structure and secrets that allow telling the right story in the right business context.

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Happy Students

Learn from an acting top manager how to move your career forward & build a personal brand with the help of your slides

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Judy S.
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Simple, clear & totally useful.
Serj K.
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Great visualization and relevant analogies. Unexpected insights about presentation slides.
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Great course! In this engaging, no-nonsense and often funny online course on the art of using slides to help you during your speech, Sergei Chernenko gives you precisely what you need to elevate your business presentations to an art form.