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A Master Class on how to make your presentations stand out in the corporate world.

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A Master Class
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It is designed to be helpful for people just starting out as well as business veterans from people to just starting their careers to startups and corporate employees.

The Master Class includes 11 modules:

Reexploring presentations

Learn how to prepare

How to practice

How deliver a smooth presentation without interruption

Learning from great past presentations

Steve Jobs secrets revealed

How to deal with templates

How much time to rehearse

Avoid common mistakes

The presentations “white spaces”

How to send for review

11 videos with 1 hour of detailed instructions

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91% of people feel that a well designed slide deck give them confidence during a presentation. (Source: PresentationPanda)

70% say presentation skills are crucial for career success. (Source: Forbes)

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Techniques are easy to implement by anyone – no matter the industry or a person’s role within an organization. 

The Master Class approaches the creation of presentation in a new and inspiring way, with practical, real word advice that you can implement immediately with your very next presentation. It includes effective, proven techniques to clearly communicate your ideas that can build a strong public profile.

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Learn from an acting top manager how to move your career forward & build a personal brand with the help of your slides

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Judy S.
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Simple, clear & totally useful.
Serj K.
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Great visualization and relevant analogies. Unexpected insights about presentation slides.
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Great course! In this engaging, no-nonsense and often funny online course on the art of using slides to help you during your speech, Sergei Chernenko gives you precisely what you need to elevate your business presentations to an art form.