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An Origin Story

Whether it is presentations or storytelling or our ability to transform our performance into a recognized contribution to your organization – why do they seem to fall short?

A key reason is that information alone will never move people. Activities, however well executed, do not move people to look at you at a deeper level.

My philosophy is about how to go beyond a presentation or a set of activities to create a compelling identity that can motivate others, inspire action and enable buy-in. By delving deep into what matters to your peers or executives in a company, you can create a holistic profile that is both meaningful and memorable.

This is what corporate hacking is all about. Gaining the confidence and skills to shift the way people think, feel, and behave.

Your career success is an act of creative planning. By understanding the nuances and subtle cues that operate in the corporate world, you can decode their meanings to help you overcome the limits that others may place on you. With thoughtfulness, harnessing a community of advocates around you and enhancing your personal brand though continuous learning for fulfillment at every stage of your career development.

My journey

My mission is to help you grow your career everyday through online master class materials, coaching and ideas that enhance your personal brand in your professional career.

Like many people, my career began at company where I tried to fit in and not stand out. I soon realized this approach was high stress and low reward so I began researching how to elevate my profile to be more inspired in my work everyday.

This ignited a passion in me to help people in corporations grow quicker, have less stress, and maintain a work-life balance throughout their career. It is also what inspired me to create a series of Master Classes from presentation building to social network building and acing job interviews. You can think of this as corporate hacking and it is designed to transform you from just another part of an organization to someone who is indispensable with the energy and ideas you bring to the table.

Today, I am a seasoned expert with 18+ years of experience and unique insights to help you thrive in the corporate world.

Explore my tips and tricks on making corporate hacking work to you to be a more effective communicator.

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