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I’ve been looking for a decent online course about presentations for years, burning so much money testing what’s available on the market and always was disappointed. And here you have it, Non-Secrets Master Class that gathers everything that’s needed into a short series of comprehensive videos that can be viewed within an hour or so. Bravo and thank you Sergei for creating this course. This is a true game changer.
Mario E. – F500 CPG company
Listen to this course, absorb it, practice what it preaches as I did and you’ll change your career forever. After adjusting my slides and following Sergei’s advice in the online lessons, for the first time ever I got some really positive feedback from my bosses. Usually, I dread the day at work when I have to present, but Sergei’s course helped me feel more confident and empowered as a presenter.
Yuri O. – Bacardi
We have all seen speeches, read books and participated in various trainings that teach how to make presentations. What’s different with Sergei’s online course is that he developed simple and easy-to-understand methodology how to make one on your own! Believe me, after this class your future keynotes will create a new industry benchmark.
Nikilay D. – Konica Business Solutions
There are no secrets in his class. It’s about impressive, totally direct content. It’s the first time I have even seen such straight-to-the-point, interactive and comprehensive content related to public speaking. No frills, basic fundamentals backed by real-life examples of corporate slides we see every day and sincerely hate. His course is a must see.
Galya M. – Deloitte
In this engaging, no- nonsense and often funny online course on the art of using slides to help you during your speech, Sergei Chernenko give you precisely what you need to elevate your business presentation to an art form.
Inga T – SAP
Great visualization and relevant analogies. Unexpected insights about presentation slides.
Serj K. – Entrepreneur

"Simple, clear, useful, easy to use. Thanks for that."

Nick B. – Business Owner