Session Based
Video Mentoring

Mentoring sessions are just the right amount of advice, knowledge sharing, and problem solving – exactly when you need it.

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring sessions are very focused on problem-solving and inspiration to stay productive and valuable in your career. Each session is different but is meant to be a singular experience to get meaningful answers to questions you may have in the moment.

Each session will address your concerns in a customized video response to help you get to where you want to be. , while also developing skills such as self-awareness, confidence, and good communication.

The Benefits

Every person’s career has moments that are transformative and where an experienced mentor can help you navigate through to develop action plans, increase productivity and create new habits to support your brand identity. Using behavioral techniques, these customized sessions allow you to get exactly the help you need at exactly the right time. They can support you in achieving your goals through my commitment to provide you with professional advice every step of the way. The key benefit of these customized sessions is to facilitate your growth in a way that is eared to today’s fast pace in the corporate world.

How it works

It's our easiest type of coaching. Session-based allows you to ask specific questions and get a customized video answering your question. Each pre-recorded session can range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes or more, depending on the need. The prices can range from $29 to $150. Once the question has been submitted, you will receive a price confirmation for your approval. Once confirmed, your customized pre-corded video session will be completed within 48 hours. Nothing could be easier or more powerful to get you the advice you need right now.

These Session Based Mentoring Sessions are designed to be helpful for people just starting out as well as business veterans from people to just starting their careers to startups and corporate employees.

Your career Coach

Dedicated Career Coach

My goal is to make career coaching as engaging as it is useful. My 18+ years of corporate experience gives me the depth and breadth to guide you through your career milestones.

In addition to regular sessions, Sergei, our coach, is also available to review resumes, cover letters, presentations and to answer all those questions that come up that are holding you back.

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